5 Amazing Places to Visit in Oregon

From mountains to beaches and the dozens of waterfalls in-between, we are putting together a list of the top 5 destinations to visit in Oregon, based on our 2017 landscape photography tour experience.

5. Cape Perpetua Scenic Area

Cape Perpetua is a spot on the coast that is pretty easy to drive right through and miss if your not looking for it but stopping might just be worth your while.. Home to "Thor's Well" and the "Devil's Churn" This area can be dangerous, with powerful, unexpected waves and strong ocean currents. Though, with the right precautions, this place can make for an epic adventure. Located just south of Yachats.

Driving up to the Cape Perpetua viewpoint will give you an awesome view from 820 feet above the sea. There are a few exposed areas at the upper viewpoint and those with a fear of heights should exercise caution while traversing.

This scenic area has so much to offer, things to do, and places explore.

Best time to visit: Summer

Hike Difficulty: Easy/moderate (Jagged Rocks, cliffs, exposed areas)

Thor's Well - Depending on the tide, water can spout up out of this deep, rocky hole without warning. careful not to fall in, who knows where it leads..

The Devil's Churn - Another dangerous but captivating scene. Here the water quickly rushes into the crevasse, causing a thunderous roar.

4. Abiqua Falls

Probably one of the coolest individual waterfalls in Oregon. This Waterfall can be found in a large basalt canyon, down some old dirt road in the mountains, above Scott's Mills.

The trail down is steep and slippery and there are ropes for balance. Though the trail is a bit tricky, rounding the corner to this view makes every physical effort worth it.

The coolest part about this waterfall is standing in its misty presence, while in a large, and loud, rocky auditorium.

Additionally, after checking out this waterfall, you can drive a little ways further up the main gravel road and check out Upper and Lower Butte Creek Falls.

Best time to visit: Year Round

Hike Difficulty: Moderate (Steep, Slippery, Ropes)


3. Silver Falls State Park

This one was hard not to land in the #1 spot due to it's location and accessibility. Not to mention the wide variety of unique waterfalls along the 7 mile, family friendly hike. This park is home to 10 beautiful and unique waterfalls. Many of which, you can even walk behind. Read more about this park HERE

Best time to visit: Spring/Fall

Hike Difficulty: Easy/Moderate (Steep, Slippery)

2. Cannon Beach

One of the most popular beaches in Oregon and for good reasons. Canon Beach has some of the most unique rock formations and is home to the famous "Haystack Rock". Easily accessible, this beach is long and has multiple picturesque spots. During low-tide you can find hundreds of tide pools filled with an abundance of sea life. Please be sure to respect the warning and wildlife preservation signs at this beach. Otherwise, it's yours to enjoy!

Best time to visit: Summer

Hike Difficulty: Easy



1. Broken-Top Mountain

Broken-Top Mountain ranks #1 on our list of top places to visit in Oregon. Located in the Three Sister's Wilderness, West of Bend, OR. It's a long and grueling hike up but it's worth every step!

Walking through meadows, surrounded by mountains, wildflowers, creeks, and cliffs, you will certainly be amazed at this epic landscape. Just the hike up to the top of the mountain is worth the trip, in and of itself.

We will let our pictures do the rest of the talking.

Best time to visit: Late Summer

Hike Difficulty: Hard (Elevation, Distance, Steep, Cliffs, Snow)

Which place would you like to visit this year?

Let us know in the comments below!

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