Why You NEED to Be Using TikTok

I'm going to cut to the chase.. If you're reading this it's likely because you've seen the ads for Tiktok or heard other people raving about it and you want to find out if it will be worth any of your time at all. Take 5 minutes to read this and find out. I guarantee it will be worth your time.

Here's what we will cover:

Reach Potential

Income Potential

What Should I Post?

How do I become Successful on Tiktok?

Let's address these topics..

Reach Potential

I don't know which platform you're coming from, Facebook , Instagram, or whatever, but ask yourself this... How much time do you think people are spending viewing your social media posts? 5 seconds? 20 seconds? and how many people are seeing each post? 100? 100,000? How many followers are you getting from each engaging post? 5? 500?

What if there was a platform that favored artists and quality creators that could lead to 8 MILLION + people watching your 10-60 second video? And Tens of Thousands to Hundreds of Thousands of viewers choosing to follow you and who are looking forward to seeing your next post because they genuinely enjoy your content?

If you are a content creator, then TikTok is the app that will provide you with these results. Take a look at the following stats after just 5 months of grinding on the app:

You can learn more about the history of Tiktok HERE but this post is focusing on answering the burning questions that you have..

Income Potential

Again, cutting right to the chase.. I have seen creators make over $2,500 in a single 3-5 hour live stream and I have seen them do it on a consistent basis. That's $2,500 in a day. $2,500 IN ONE DAY. Sorry, sometimes I have to say that a couple of times the help myself comprehend that fact. Now, that's the best I've seen so far. That is the ELITE Tiktokers with over 5 Million followers. BUT BEFORE you lose hope, WAIT! 5 Million followers might be unobtainable on Facebook and Instagram but NOT ON TIKTOK!

Besides, you don't need 5 Million followers to make a living on the app, a few hundred thousand followers is enough to replace a median income, if you are doing it right.

As of right now, "Live Streaming" is the only way to make money directly on the Tiktok app and you accumulate money during your live through donations. Other forms of income are by obtaining brand deals and advertising opportunities from businesses reaching out to you to promote their product or song on your page.

Tiktok isn't monetized like Youtube is yet, BUT they ARE working on making it monetized in a similar fashion. When that day comes, income potential will explode for those who are succeeding on the app. Continue reading..

Bytedance owns the Tiktok app. This photo is an example of the deposits being made from Tikok to my PayPal account. The transfer is Immediate and there are no fees.

During your Live Stream viewers are able to purchase coins with their money. These coins are used to buy Gifts to send to their favorite creators. When a creator receives a gift, the gift is converted to Diamonds which are converted to real money at the rate of $.005/Diamond. See the following screen shot for an example:

Notice the 85,500 gift points. Those gift points get converted into 85,500 Diamonds, which can be immediately cashed out at a rate of $.005 each. 85,500 x $.005 = $427.50 NOW look at the live duration.. That's roughly $400/Hour. A lawer who has spent 5-10 years in college earns an average of $100-$200/hour. Imagine making double that doing things that you actually LOVED to do!

I know what you are thinking.. WHAT in the world am I going to live stream about?! Trust me, that's exactly what I thought at first, until I realized that people just wanted to talk to me and hang out. They wanted a chance to be heard by their favorite creator. Ask yourself: Who inspires you? Who do you admire? How can you talk to them and ask them questions on a regular basis? What if they live on the other side of the country? Tiktok live streams make it possible for people to connect with their favorite creators and gives everyone a chance to be heard and ask questions to the people who inspire them the most.

What Should I post?

For me and MANY other successful creators on Tiktok, we believe Tiktok is the first ever app where people can genuinely be themselves. If you've always wanted to be a comedian at heart, then start here. If you love to draw, share your drawings and your journey. If you love photography, share your editing style/process, composition techniques, locations or BTS. If you love to cook, get some good lighting, a good angle and record yourself cooking your favorite dish. Literally just do what you love to do, record it and don't hesitate to share it! For me, I love the ocean and sea animals so I make my posts about ocean related topics. People are looking for quality creators to follow.

How do I become Successful on Tiktok?

The first and most important step is to figure out what you would enjoy doing for the rest of your life. Figure out what you are most passionate about. I'm not talking about your job that would be awesome to have, I'm talking about that passion you had when you were a kid to be a leader, an artist, gamer, dancer, singer, fireman, comedian, you know, the things most of our parents thought were out of reach.

Figure out what you WANT to do for the rest of your life and start doing it. Don't quit your job right away but do your passion in your free time. If you're able to work 8 hours a day for your boss you can invest 2 hours after work doing things that you actually enjoy doing. Do those things, record them and SHARE them! Pretty soon you will get better doing it, people will notice, they will follow you, you will inspire them, and you will be making a living doing what you love to do.

NOT only will you find success on the Tiktok app but I have seen creators go from 10,000 followers on Instagram to over 600,000 followers after only a 3 month span using Tiktok as a resource to cross promote their other platforms! Take @Caleb.Finn for example..

Some creators cross promote more successfully than others, as my Instagram has only increased by around 5,000+ followers thus far. My Youtube around 3,700+.


Some people go viral quick and their talent takes them to the top. Most of us however have to grind and really work ourselves to success on this app. A lot of work goes into planning, shooting, editing, marketing, understanding analytics, the psychology of a viral post, and overall account growth.

Unlike myself, most people don't have pre-existing knowledge and experience in these traits. It literally took me a career as a police officer, real estate agent, car sales, photographer, social media manager, and many years of customer service to establish the mindset and knowledge needed to become consistently successful on this app. You can learn through trial and error or you can follow the advice of someone who has walked the path and succeeded.

Jake Colvin Jake.PNW

I encourage you to give Tiktok a try. Try your best to become a successful creator on the app. I believe you can do it. However, if you try and don't succeed, DO NOT give up! Rather, I urge you to continue trying to provide yourself with the most rewarding kind of success as a Tiktok creator. If you find that you are not getting the results that you need to make a living off of Tiktok, I hope you consider my Tiktok Coaching Program.

In my coaching program, I cover everything I know, have learned, and continue to learn about Tiktok. I teach you how I managed to grow a community of 1.5 Million loyal members in 6 months, and replaced not only mine, but my wife's income, by doing what I love to do.

My knowledge in planning, shooting, editing, marketing, understanding analytics, the psychology of a viral post, and overall account growth is shared with you in detail and in a way that is easy for anyone to understand and implement.

HOWEVER, I'm not asking you to register today. All I am asking you to do is keep my coaching program in mind, as an option, rather than giving up if you are not seeing the results you are after.

Thank you for reading my article and I'll see you on the For You Page!

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