Silver Falls State Park Oregon

Silver Falls State Park, OR

It's hard to believe that only 30 minutes away from the Sate capitol and downtown areas, awaits one of the most amazing hiking destinations that Oregon has to offer. Silver Falls state park is home to 10 of Oregon's most epic waterfalls, all of which can be seen along the moderate difficulty, 8.7 mile loop trail. When's the best time to visit the park? This park is amazing and unique during every season!

Starting Point

South Falls parking area will be your best bet to find a parking spot. The gates open promptly at 7:00 am and parking is $5.00 (Payable via Cash or Card).

The park begins to get crowded at around 10:00 am but if you start your hike when the park opens, you'll find the privacy that you are looking for on the trails.

South Falls

South Falls is probably one of the coolest waterfall in the entire park. Not only is it easy to access (about 1/4 mi from the parking area) but there are so many viewpoints for these falls. As you first approach South Falls you will get the viewpoint of the gorge beneath and a birds eye view of the falls. Walk the path towards the creek and you will be right at the top of the falls watching the creek disappear into the canyon. Continue on down the path and you will find yourself at the base of the waterfall, as seen in the image above. If you've never been to this park, this waterfall alone is worth seeing! Not to mention all of the creeks that pour into this part of the canyon!





Underrated but Must See Falls!

It's hard to break away from the beauty of South falls but believe me, there is much more to see!

Lower South Falls

Lower South Falls, Silver Falls State Park Oregon

Not far from South Falls (Roughly 0.8 mi) awaits Lower South Falls. During Fall and Springtime, you will find these falls rushing and roaring. The wind from the falls blows mist through the canyon making these falls not only an awesome sight but an awesome physical experience as well.

Lower south falls

Not only do you get to see and feel this waterfall but you even get to pass behind it to continue on the trail. (Beware you will get a quick shower as you pass under this one in springtime).

Between the Falls

As if the main waterfalls weren't enough, mother nature finds ways to keep us occupied in-between Falls, by providing us with even more waterfalls, critters and Bridges..



Lower North, Double, Drake and Middle North Falls.

4 Great waterfalls, all within a quarter mile radius. Here are 3 of them:

Lower North Falls

Lower north Falls, silver falls state park, OR

Double Falls

Double falls, silver falls state park, OR